Influenza A Virus- An Overview

Influenza A Virus

Structure of Influenza A Virus Influenza A virus falls under the family Orthomyxoviridae. Influenza A virus particles are usually spherical and about 80- 120 nm in diameter. It is an enveloped … Read more

Polio Virus- An Overview

Polio Virus

Structure of Polio Virus Poliovirus is a member of a family of viruses called the Picornaviridae. Virions are spherical in shape with a diameter of about 27nm. The particles are simple … Read more

Hepatitis E Virus- An Overview

Hepatitis E Virus

Structure of Hepatitis E Virus Image: Schematic illustration of non-enveloped and quasi-enveloped HEV particles as well as enveloped virus. The putative model of quasi-enveloped HEV virion includes ORF3 product in its … Read more

Positive staining of Viruses

Positive staining of Viruses

What is positive staining? Positive staining of viruses is similar to negative staining. The difference is that the virus image is darker formed on a light background, unlike the negative … Read more

Nipah Virus (NiV)- An Overview

Structure of Nipah Virus (NiV)

Nipah virus (NiV) is a zoonotic bat-borne pathogen belonging to the paramyxoviruses. It was first identified in Malaysia in 1998. However, no cases have been detected in Malaysia since 1999. … Read more