Sandwich (Davson–Danielli) model of cell membrane

Sandwich (Davson–Danielli) model

The Davson–Danielli model (or paucimolecular model) was a model of the plasma membrane of a cell, proposed in 1935 by Hugh Davson and James Danielli. The model describes a phospholipid bilayer that lies between two layers of globular proteins and it … Read more

Fluid Mosaic Model

Fluid mosaic model of a cell membrane

The plasma membrane, also known as the cell surface membrane or plasmalemma, defines the boundary of the cell. They are a special type of membranes which are lipid structures that … Read more

What are Membrane Proteins?

Membrane Proteins

Image Source: Bio Ninja Location of Membrane Proteins Types of Membrane Proteins They can be classified according to their relationship with the bilayer: Lipid-Bound Proteins Features of Membrane Proteins Functions … Read more

Cell Fusion- Types and Significance

Cell Fusion- Types and Significance

Until recently, cells were thought to be integral and discrete components of tissues, and their state was determined by cell differentiation. However, under some conditions, stem cells or their progeny … Read more