What are the types of Mutations?

Types of Mutations

The mutation is a process that produces a gene or chromosome that differs from the wild type (arbitrary standard for what “normal” is for an organism). The mutation may result … Read more

Protocol of chloroplast isolation

Protocol of chloroplast isolation

The chloroplast is an important organelle found in plant cells that conduct photosynthesis. It is enclosed by a pair of closely spaced membranes, the double-membrane envelope, consisting of the inner … Read more

Mitosis vs. Meiosis: 32 Major Key Differences

Mitosis vs. Meiosis

Here are some of the differences between Mitosis and Meiosis S.N. Character Mitosis Meiosis 1.       Alternate Name Equational Division Reduction Division 2.       Discovered by Walther Flemming Oscar Hertwig 3.     … Read more