Phylum Porifera- Characteristics, classification, examples

Phylum Porifera

Porifera Definition The Porifera may be defined as an asymmetrical or radially symmetrical multicellular organism with a cellular grade of an organization without well- definite tissues and organs; exclusively aquatic; mostly marine, sedentary, solitary or conical animals with body perforated by pores, canals, and cambers through which water flows; with one or more internal cavities lined with choanocytes; and with …

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Characteristics of Invertebrates with examples

Characteristics of Invertebrates

Habitat They are found in seas, freshwater, air, land from snow to desert. 80% are found in terrestrial habitat. Most successful invertebrates of the lands are Arthropods. Protozoans are free-living, parasites or commensals. Sponges and Coelenterates are aquatic animals. Numerical Strength Among 1.25 million animal species, 95% (1.2 million) are invertebrates. Among 1.2 million invertebrates, 1 million are Arthropods. Shape …

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