Habitat and Morphology of Gardnerella vaginalis

Habitat of Gardnerella vaginalis

  • Normal flora in 40% female (small amount)
  • Found in urine
  • Rarely in blood and wound
  • Found in the anorectal flora of healthy adults of both sexes and as well as children.
  • Isolated from normal vagina of reproductive age female & male urethra (partners of women with bacterial vaginosis).
  • Optimum pH for growth in between 6 and 7.
  • Implicated in case of cervical cancer and infection in urinary tract
  • Frequently present in vagina of asymptomatic patients.

Habitat and Morphology of Gardnerella vaginalis

Morphology of Gardnerella vaginalis

  • Small
  • SIze: 1.28 x 0.3-0.6µm
  • Non-sporulation
  • Non-motile
  • Non capsulated or endospore formed
  • Non filamentous
  • Gram negative ,sometimes gram variable rods or coccobacilli
  • Pleomorphic with presence of metachromatic granules.
  • Presence of clue cells
  • Non- acid fast
  • Facultative anaerobic
  • Cell wall laminated

Genome of Gardnerella vaginalis

  • Circular DNA
  • Size: 1.67 Mb to 1.72 Mb
  • G + C content = 42 to 44%
  • No plasmids have been discovered yet

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