Pneumococcus vs Viridans streptococci- 12 Major Differences

Differences between Pneumococcus and Viridans streptococci

Streptococcus pneumoniae can be differentiated from Viridans streptococci by various features:

S.N. Properties Pneumococcus Viridans streptococci
1 Morphology Lanceolate or flame-shaped Round/oval
2 Arrangement Gram-positive cocci in pairs Gram-positive cocci in long chains
3 Capsule Present Absent
4 On blood agar Draughtsman or carom coin colony Convex shaped colony
5 Liquid medium Uniform turbidity Granular turbidity
6 Bile solubility Soluble in bile Insoluble in bile
7 Inulin fermentation Fermenter Non-fermenter
8 Optochin Sensitive Resistant
9 Mice Pathogenicity Pathogenic Non-pathogenic
10 Quellung Test Positive Negative
11 Hemolysis Alpha-hemolytic (under aerobic conditions) or Beta-hemolytic (under anaerobic conditions) Alpha hemolytic or non-hemolytic
12 Pathogenesis Causes pneumonia Causes mainly oral infections

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Differences between Pneumococcus and Viridans streptococci

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