Common mistakes in Proposal writing

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Last Updated on February 4, 2021 by Sagar Aryal

Common mistakes in Proposal writing

Some of the mistakes are:

  1. Choosing a topic that is too large.
  2. Choosing a topic which is too complex for research at the level of the researcher.
  3. Not giving due consideration to the time factor. This factor is important because the research work is to be completed within the prescribed time period.
  4. Choosing research where materials are not easily accessible.
  5. Choosing research which is not researchable because the methodology of the study is not yet developed or outdated or incomplete.
  6. Using buzzwords and jargon.
  7. Objective not relevant to the project or research.
  8. Inadequate literature review.
  9. Irrelevant references should not be cited.
  10. Discussing more problems rather than solutions.
  11. The budget is inaccurate or very high.
  12. Repeating exact phrases from the funders guideline while developing proposals.
  13. The proposal is not structurally clear or have formatting problems.
  14. Grammar and punctuations should be correct and sentence construction should be simple.
  15. The expected result should be objective oriented.
  16. Not having someone else review the submission.
  17. Instructions were not followed and/or all questions on the application form were not answered.
  18. Not requesting feedback.



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