Biochemical Test of Gardnerella vaginalis

Biochemical Test of Gardnerella vaginalis

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Some of the characteristics are as follows:

Basic Characteristics Properties (Gardnerella vaginalis)
Capsule Negative (-ve)
Catalase Negative (-ve)
Flagella Negative (-ve)
Gas Negative (-ve)
Gelatin Hydrolysis Negative (-ve)
Gram Staining Gram negative (-ve) or Gram variable
H2S Negative (-ve)
Hemolysis Positive (+ve) (Human or Rabbit Blood)
Indole Negative (-ve)
Motility Negative (-ve)
MR (Methyl Red) Positive (+ve)
Nitrate Reduction Negative (-ve)
Oxidase Negative (-ve)
Shape Pleomorphic Rods
Spore Negative (-ve)
Urease Negative (-ve)
VP (Voges Proskauer) Negative (-ve)

Fermentation of

Adonitol Negative (-ve)
Arabinose Variable
Arabitol Negative (-ve)
Arbutin Negative (-ve)
Cellobiose Negative (-ve)
Dulcitol Negative (-ve)
Fructose Variable
Galactose Variable
Glucose Positive (+ve)
Glycerol Negative (-ve)
Hippurate Positive (+ve)
Inositol Negative (-ve)
Inulin Variable
Lactose Negative (-ve)
Maltose Positive (+ve)
Mannitol Negative (-ve)
Mannose Variable
Melibiose Negative (-ve)
Raffinose Negative (-ve)
Rhamnose Negative (-ve)
Ribose Positive (+ve)
Salicin Negative (-ve)
Sorbitol Positive (+ve)
Starch Positive (+ve)
Sucrose Negative (-ve)
Tagatose Negative (-ve)
Trehalose Negative (-ve)
Xylose Negative (-ve)

Enzymatic Reactions

Arginine Decarboxylase Negative (-ve)
Casein Hydrolysis Variable
Esculin Hydrolysis Negative (-ve)
Esterase Negative (-ve)
F6PPK Positive (+ve)
a-D-glucosidase Positive (+ve)
Lipase Variable
Lysine dihydrolase Negative (-ve)
N-acetyl-a-d-glucosaminidase Positive (+ve)
ONPG (β-galactosidase) Positive (+ve)
Ornithine Decarboxylase Negative (-ve)
Phenylalanine Deaminase Positive (+ve)
Phospholipase Positive (+ve)
Tributyrin Negative (-ve)


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