Biochemical Test of Clostridium tetani

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Biochemical Test of Clostridium tetani

Biochemical Test of Clostridium tetani

Some of the characteristics are as follows:

Basic CharacteristicsProperties (Clostridium tetani)
CapsuleNegative (-ve)
CatalaseNegative (-ve)
GasPositive (+ve)
Gelatin HydrolysisPositive (+ve)
Gram StainingGram-stain-positive, but become Gram-stain-negative after approximately 24 h incubation.
Growth in 20% BileNegative (-ve)
Growth in 6.5% NaClNegative (-ve)
H2SPositive (+ve)
HemolysisPositive (+ve)
MotilityPositive (+ve)
Nitrate ReductionNegative (-ve)
ShapeLarge rods (0.5-1.7 x 2.1-18.1 µm), which may appear single, in pairs or in short chains.
SporePositive (+ve)

Fermentation of

ArabinoseNegative (-ve)
CellobioseNegative (-ve)
DNasePositive (+ve)
FructoseNegative (-ve)
GalactoseNegative (-ve)
GlucoseNegative (-ve)
GlycogenNegative (-ve)
InositolNegative (-ve)
InulinNegative (-ve)
LactoseNegative (-ve)
MaltoseNegative (-ve)
MannitolNegative (-ve)
MannoseNegative (-ve)
RaffinoseNegative (-ve)
RhamnoseNegative (-ve)
RiboseNegative (-ve)
SalicinNegative (-ve)
SorbitolNegative (-ve)
StarchNegative (-ve)
SucroseNegative (-ve)
TrehaloseNegative (-ve)
XyloseNegative (-ve)

Enzymatic Reactions

Esculin HydrolysisNegative (-ve)
LecithinaseNegative (-ve)
LipaseNegative (-ve)
NeuraminidaseNegative (-ve)
Superoxide dismutase Negative (-ve)


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Biochemical Test of Clostridium tetani

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