Biochemical Test of Clostridium perfringens

Biochemical Test of Clostridium perfringens

Basic Characteristics Properties (Clostridium perfringens)
20% Bile Positive (+ve)
Capsule Positive (+ve)
Catalase Negative (-ve)
Flagella Negative (-ve)
Gas Positive (+ve)
Gelatin Hydrolysis Positive (+ve)
Gram Staining Gram-positive
Hemolysis Positive (+ve)
Indole Negative (-ve)
Motility Negative (-ve)
Nitrate Reduction Variable
Oxidase Negative (-ve)
Shape Rod shaped; straight rods with blunt ends
Spore Positive (+ve)
2 % NaCl Positive (+ve)
6.5% NaCl Negative (-ve)

Fermentation of

Arabinose Negative (-ve)
Cellobiose Variable
DNase Positive (+ve)
Fructose Positive (+ve)
Galactose Positive (+ve)
Glucose Positive (+ve)
Glycerol Weakly Positive (+ve)
Glycogen Variable
Inositol Variable
Inulin Negative (-ve)
Lactose Positive (+ve)
Maltose Positive (+ve)
Mannitol Positive (+ve)
Mannose Positive (+ve)
Melibiose Negative (-ve)
Raffinose Variable
Ribose Variable
Salicin Negative (-ve)
Sorbitol Negative (-ve)
Starch Variable
Sucrose Positive (+ve)
Trehalose Variable
Xylose Negative (-ve)

Enzymatic Reactions

Amylase Positive (+ve)
Elastase Positive (+ve)
Esculin Hydrolysis Variable
Hyalurodinase Positive (+ve)
Lecithinase Positive (+ve)
Lipase Negative (-ve)
Neuraminidase Positive (+ve)
ONPG (β-galactosidase) Positive (+ve)
Ribonuclease Positive (+ve)
Superoxide dismutase Positive (+ve)


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