Biochemical Test of Actinomyces israelii

Biochemical Test of Actinomyces israelii

Basic Characteristics Properties (Actinomyces israelii)
CAMP -ve
Capsule -ve
Catalase -ve
Gelatin Hydrolysis -ve
Gram Staining Gram +ve
Hemolysis -ve
Indole -ve
Motility -ve
MR (Methyl Red) Variable
Nitrate Reduction Variable
OF (Oxidative-Fermentative) Fermentative
Pigment -ve
Shape Branching filaments, branched rods

and diphtheroidal forms

Urease -ve
VP (Voges Proskauer) -ve

Fermentation of

Cellobiose +ve
DNase -ve
Dulcitol -ve
Fructose +ve
Galactose +ve
Glucose +ve
Glycogen Variable
Hippurate -ve
Inositol Variable
Lactose +ve
Maltose +ve
Mannitol +ve
Mannose +ve
Melibiose Variable
MyoInositol Variable
Raffinose +ve
Rhamnose -ve
Ribose Variable
Salicin Variable
Sorbitol Variable
Starch -ve
Sucrose +ve
Trehalose Variable
Xylose +ve

Enzymatic Reactions

Acetoin Production -ve
Casein Hydrolysis -ve
Esculin Hydrolysis +ve
α -Fucosidase -ve
α-Glucosidase +ve
Lipase -ve
β-NAG -ve
ONPG (β-galactosidase) +ve


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