Biochemical Test of Burkholderia pseudomallei

Biochemical Test of Burkholderia pseudomallei

Image Source: University of Cambridge

Some of the characteristics are as follows:

Basic Characteristics Properties (Burkholderia pseudomallei)
Capsule Positive (+ve)
Catalase Positive (+ve)
Citrate Positive (+ve)
Flagella Positive (+ve)
Gas Negative (-ve)
Gelatin Hydrolysis Positive (+ve)
Gram Staining Gram-negative (-ve)
H2S Negative (-ve)
Indole Negative (-ve)
Motility Positive (+ve)
Nitrate Reduction Positive (+ve)
Oxidase Positive (+ve)
Pigment Negative (-ve)
Shape Rod-shaped; “safety pin” appearance (bipolar staining)
Spore Negative (-ve)
TSIA (Triple Sugar Iron Agar) K/NC/H2S -ve
Urease Negative (-ve)

Fermentation of

Arabinose Positive (+ve)
Arabitol Positive (+ve)
Cellobiose Positive (+ve)
Dulcitol Positive (+ve)
Erythritol Positive (+ve)
Fructose Positive (+ve)
Galactose Positive (+ve)
Glucose Positive (+ve)
Glycerol Positive (+ve)
Hippurate Positive (+ve)
Inositol Positive (+ve)
Inulin Negative (-ve)
Lactose Negative (-ve)
Maltose Negative (-ve)
Mannitol Variable
Mannose Positive (+ve)
Rhamnose Negative (-ve)
Ribose Positive (+ve)
Starch Positive (+ve)
Sucrose Positive (+ve)
Tartrate Negative (-ve)
Trehalose Positive (+ve)
Xylose Negative (-ve)

Enzymatic Reactions

Acetate Utilization Positive (+ve)
Arginine Dehydrolase Positive (+ve)
Esculin Hydrolysis Variable
Lecithinase Positive (+ve)
Lipase Positive (+ve)
Ornithine Decarboxylase Positive (+ve)
Superoxide Dismutase Positive (+ve)


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