Biotic Factors- Definition, Types, Examples and Factors Affecting

Biotic Factors

The ecosystem is made up of biotic and abiotic factors. Abiotic factor comprises non-living components like sunlight, temperature, water, soil, wind, humidity and radiations. These are the physical and chemical agents that ultimately affects the biotic factors. Biotic factor or components means the living things of an eco-system. It is also responsible for the different outbreaks of diseases. Both abiotic …

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Abiotic Factors- Definition, Types, Examples and Responses

Abiotic Factors

Our environment, the place where we human beings, as well as many creatures, live, is actually made up of or influenced by various factors. These factors have made the earth a home for all of us. This ecosystem is maintained and balanced by the two main factors. i.e. abiotic factor and biotic factor. Abiotic: non-living factor Biotic: Living factor What …

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