Bacterial growth curve and its significance

Bacterial growth curve

When a broth culture is inoculated with a small bacterial inoculum, the population size of the bacteria increases showing a classical pattern. When plotted on a graph, a distinct curve is obtained referred to as the bacterial growth curve. Method of Obtaining Bacterial Growth Curve A population growth curve for any particular species of bacterium may be determined by growing a …

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Chromatography- definition, principle, types, applications

Chromatography- Principle, Types and Applications

What is chromatography? Chromatography is an important biophysical technique that enables the separation, identification, and purification of the components of a mixture for qualitative and quantitative analysis. The Russian botanist Mikhail Tswett coined the term chromatography in 1906. The first analytical use of chromatography was described by James and Martin in 1952, for the use of gas chromatography for the …

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