Southern Blot- Definition, Principle, Steps, Results, Applications

Southern Blot

Southern Blot Definition Southern blot is the process of transfer of DNA fragments that are separated by electrophoresis onto a membrane for immobilization and identification. Southern blotting has been adopted as a routine procedure for the analysis of DNA samples for different applications. The technique was discovered by Edwin Southern, and the technique was named after him. The technique later gave rise to other techniques like Western Blotting and Northern Blotting that are based on the same principle. The most … Read more

What is Southern Blotting?

Southern Blot- Principle, Steps and Applications

Southern Blotting Definition The analytical technique that involves the transfer of a specific DNA, RNA or a protein separated on gel to a carrier membrane, for their detection or identification is termed as blotting. The process of transfer of the denatured fragments out of the gel and onto a carrier membrane makes it accessible for analysis using a probe or antibody. Depending upon the substance to be separated, blotting techniques may be – Southern blot, Northern blot or Western blot … Read more