Pinocytosis- definition, steps, types, examples, (vs phagocytosis)

Pinocytosis and Phagocytosis

Pinocytosis definition Pinocytosis is a type of endocytosis in which small particles suspended in the extracellular fluid are moved into the cell through pores formed on the cell membrane. The term pinocytosis is formed of two words “pino” and cytosis” where ‘pino’ means “to drink” while ‘cytosis’ means relating to the cell. It is a continuous process in most cells …

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Endocytosis- Definition, Process and Types with Examples

Endocytosis- Definition, Process, Types. Examples

Endocytosis Definition Endocytosis is a cellular mechanism by which, a cell internalizes substances including proteins, fluids, electrolytes, microorganisms, and some macromolecules, from its external environment. These substances undergo certain processes of breaking down to smaller elements either for use by the cell or for elimination purposes. White blood cells, of the immune system, are the most common cells that use …

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Phagocytosis- definition, mechanism, steps with example

Phagocytosis- Introduction, Mechanism, Steps and Example

What is phagocytosis? Phagocytosis is a process by which cells ingest large particles (> 0.5 micrometers) into membrane-bound vesicles called phagosomes, which are then targeted to the lysosomes for enzymatic degradation.  Phagocytosis is greatly enhanced by the opsonization of the bacteria. Attachment of a specific IgG or complement fragment, C3, can greatly enhance the efficiency of phagocytosis, although phagocytosis can occur …

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Macrophages- Introductions and Functions

Macrophages- Introductions and Functions

Macrophages The mononuclear phagocytic system consists of monocytes circulating in the blood and macrophages in the tissues. The monocyte is considered a leukocyte in transit through the blood, which becomes a macrophage when fixed in a tissue. Monocytes and macrophages as well as granulocytes are able to ingest particulate matter (microorganisms, cells, inert particles) and are said to have phagocytic …

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