Brain Lipid Extraction Protocol

Brain Lipid Extraction Protocol

“Brain lipid extracts” refers to a lipid mixture extracted from the brain tissue of animals. It has been found that such brain lipid extracts contain a mixture of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that have four or more double bonds and closely resemble the mixture of PUFAs found in human breast milk. The mixture of PUFAs typically includes arachidonic …

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Lipid Hydrolysis Test- Objectives, Principle, Procedure and Results

Result Interpretation of Lipid Hydrolysis Test

Objectives of Lipid Hydrolysis Test To determine the ability of the organism to hydrolyse lipid. To identify bacteria capable of producing the exoenzyme lipase. Principle of Lipid Hydrolysis Test Lipids generally are nonpolar molecules that do not dissolve well in water.  Fats are one type of lipids that are large polymers of fatty acids and glycerol that are too large to enter the …

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