Parasitism Interaction- Definition and Types with Examples

Parasitism Interaction

Parasitism Definition Parasitism is a type of ecological association between species where one of the species benefits from the association at the expense of the other, usually without killing the organism. The organisms that obtain the benefit from the association is called a parasite, whereas the organisms that are harmed by the association is called the host. The term parasite …

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Host-Parasite Interactions

Host-Parasite Interactions

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between two organisms: a parasite, usually the smaller of the two, and a host, upon which the parasite is physiologically dependent. The host in a host-parasite interaction is the animal that maintains the parasite. Types of Parasites There are two major types of parasites, endoparasites, and ectoparasites, according to location. Endoparasites live within the body of the host …

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