Hypersensitivity Type I, II, III and IV- Summary in table form

Hypersensitivity Type I, II, III and IV in one table

Image Source: Pinterest. Here is the comparison table: Alternative Name Type I Type II Type III Type IV Allergic hypersensitivity Cytotoxic hypersensitivity Immune complex hypersensitivity Cell-mediated hypersensitivity/ Delayed type of hypersensitivity Principle Type I Type II Type III Type IV … Read more

Type 1 (Anaphylactic) Hypersensitivity Reaction

Type 1 (Anaphylactic) Hypersensitivity Reaction

Hypersensitivity is increased reactivity or increased sensitivity by the animal body to an antigen to which it has been previously exposed. The most widely adopted current classification is that of Coombs and Gellthat designates immunoglobulin-mediated (immediate) hypersensitivity reactions as types … Read more

What is Immunology?


What is Immunology? Immunology is the study of how the body responds to foreign substances and fights off infection and other disease. Immunologists study the molecules, cells, and organs of the human body that participate in this response. Immunity Immunity … Read more