Heart Embryology- Development of the Heart

Heart Embryology- Development of the Heart The heart is a muscular organ located in the middle mediastinum that pumps blood through the circulatory system. It is one of the earliest differentiating and functioning organs in the human body. In human embryos, the heart begins to beat at about 22-23 days, with blood flow beginning in the 4th week. It begins very early …

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Heart Infusion Agar

Heart Infusion Agar

Fastidious organisms having exacting nutritional requirement can be cultivated on infusion media. Meat infusions were included in the first media used for the cultivation of bacteria. Huntoon prepared a medium using fresh beef heart and peptone which became known as Heart Infusion Agar. He demonstrated it could be used to support the growth of nutritionally fastidious microorganisms without the addition …

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