Drosophila Development- Stages, Significance

Drosophila Development- Stages, Significance The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has been extensively studied for over a century as a model organism for genetic investigations. It also has many characteristics that make it an ideal organism for the study of animal development and behavior, neurobiology, and human genetic diseases and conditions. Image Source: biology.kenyon.edu Developmental Stages of Drosophila The … Read more Drosophila Development- Stages, Significance

Human Embryogenesis

Human Embryogenesis Human embryogenesis refers to the development and formation of the human embryo. It encompasses the first eight weeks of development after fertilization, in which a single cell formed at fertilization turns into an organism with a multi-level body plan. It is characterized by the process of cell division and cellular differentiation that occurs during the early stages … Read more Human Embryogenesis