Egg Yolk Agar- Composition, Principle, Preparation, Results, Uses

Egg Yolk Agar

Egg Yolk Agar, modified is based on the original formula for Egg Yolk Agar developed by McClung and Toabe for the isolation and differentiation of organisms based on Lecithinase and lipase production and proteolytic activity. Image Source: Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar, DOI: 10.5897/AJMR11.346 Composition of Egg Yolk Agar Ingredients Gms/liter Casein enzymic hydrolysate 15.000 Papaic digest of soybean meal 5.000 Yeast extract 5.000 Sodium chloride 5.000 L-Cystine 0.400 Hemin 0.005 Vitamin K1 0.010 Agar 20.000 Final pH (at 25°C): 7.5±0.2 Principle of … Read more