Batch vs Fed-Batch vs Continuous Culture- 20 Key Differences

Batch vs Fed-Batch vs Continuous Culture

Batch Culture Definition In batch culture, all the medium components are placed in the reactor at the start of cultivation except for atmospheric gases, acid or base for pH control, and antifoaming agents. There is a continuous change in the nutrient concentrations over time, and the system remains unsteady. Fed-Batch Culture Definition In simple words, fed-batch culture is a modification to batch fermentation. In fed-batch cultivation, nutrients are added aseptically; it is a semi-open system, and the volume of liquid … Read more

Continuous Culture- Definition, Principle, Process, Types, Applications, Limitations

Continuous Culture

Continuous Culture Definition Continuous culture is a continuous process where nutrients are continually added to the bioreactor and the culture broth (containing cells and metabolites) is removed at the same time. The volume of the culture broth is constant due to a constant feed-in and feed-out rate (i.e consumed nutrients are replaced and toxic metabolites are removed from the culture). Some advantages of continuous culture are: In continuous culture, keeping the working volume constant simplifies culture scale-up based on a … Read more