Cellular Respiration- Definition, Equations, Types, Steps, Products

Cellular Respiration

Cellular Respiration Definition Cellular respiration is a metabolic process consisting of a series of steps to convert chemical energy (sugar) into a usable form of energy (ATP) in the cell. The reactions involved in cellular respiration are catabolic reactions that involve the breakdown of larger organic molecules into smaller forms. The overall process of cellular respiration takes place in a …

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TCA Cycle (Citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle)

Krebs cycle

The tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA cycle), also known as the citric acid cycle or the Krebs cycle, is a major energy-producing pathway in living bodies. Cells obtain ATP from breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen as in glycolysis. However, most organisms normally are aerobic and oxidize their organic fuels completely to CO2 and water. Foodstuffs feed into the …

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