Animal Cell- Definition, Structure, Parts, Functions and Diagram

Definition of animal cell Animals are a large group of diverse living organisms that make up to three-quarters of all species on earth. With their ability to move, to respond to stimuli, respond to environmental changes and adapt to different modes of feeding defense mechanisms and reproduction, all these mechanisms are enhanced by their constituent elements in the body. However, …

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Centrioles- Definition, Structure, Functions and Diagram

Centrioles- Structure and Functions

Centrioles Definition Eukaryotic cells contain two cylindrical, rod-shaped, microtubular structures, called centrioles, near the nucleus. They lack a limiting membrane and DNA or RNA and occur in most algal cells (a notable exception being red algae), moss cells, some fern cells, and most animal cells. They are absent in prokaryotes, red algae, yeast, cone-bearing and flowering plants (conifers and angiosperms) …

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