Phylum Annelida- characteristics, classification, examples

Diagram of Phylum Annelida

Annelida definition Annelids are defined as triploblastic, bilaterally symmetrical, metamerically segmented, a coelomate worm with a thin flexible cuticle around the body. Figure: Diagram of Phylum Annelida. Source: Wikipedia Phylum Annelida Characteristics They are mostly aquatic; marine or freshwater some … Read more

Characteristics of Invertebrates with examples

Characteristics of Invertebrates

Habitat They are found in seas, freshwater, air, land from snow to desert. 80% are found in terrestrial habitat. Most successful invertebrates of the lands are Arthropods. Protozoans are free-living, parasites or commensals. Sponges and Coelenterates are aquatic animals. Numerical … Read more