Cambridge AS and A Level Biology 9700 Syllabus 2019-2021

For examination in June and November 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Cambridge AS & A Level Biology 9700 Syllabus 2019-2021

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Candidates for Cambridge International AS Level Biology study the following topics:

1 Cell structure

1.1 The microscope in cell studies

1.2 Cells as the basic units of living organisms

2 Biological molecules

2.1 Testing for biological molecules

2.2 Carbohydrates and lipids

2.3 Proteins and water

3. Enzymes

3.1 Mode of action of enzymes

3.2 Factors that affect enzyme action

4.. Cell membranes and transport

4.1 Fluid mosaic membranes

4.2 Movement of substances into and out of cells

5. The mitotic cell cycle

5.1 Replication and division of nuclei and cells

5.2 Chromosome behavior in mitosis

6. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis

6.1 6.1 Structure and replication of DNA

6.2 Protein synthesis

7. Transport in plants

7.1 Structure of transport tissues

7.2 Transport mechanisms

8. Transport in mammals

8.1 The circulatory system

8.2 The heart

9. Gas exchange and smoking

9.1 The gas exchange system

9.2 Smoking

10. Infectious diseases

10.1 Infectious diseases

10.2 Antibiotics

11. Immunity

11.1 The immune system

11.2 Antibodies and vaccination

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Biology study the AS topics and the following topics:

12. Energy and respiration

12.1 Energy

12.2 Respiration

13. Photosynthesis

13.1 Photosynthesis as an energy transfer process

13.2 Investigation of limiting factors

13.3 Adaptations for photosynthesis

14. Homeostasis

14.1 Homeostasis in mammals

14.2 Homeostasis in plants

15. Control and co-ordination

15.1 Control and co-ordination in mammals

15.2 Control and co-ordination in plants

16. Inherited change

16.1 Passage of information from parents to offspring

16.2 The roles of genes in determining the phenotype

16.3 Gene control

17. Selection and evolution

17.1 Variation

17.2 Natural and artificial selection

17.3 Evolution

18. Biodiversity, classification, and conservation

18.1 Biodiversity

18.2 Classification

18.3 Conservation

19. Genetic technology

19.1 Principles of genetic technology

19.2 Genetic technology applied to medicine

19.3 Genetically modified organisms in agriculture

Candidates for Cambridge International AS Level should study topics 1–11.
Candidates for Cambridge International A Level should study all topics.

The content of the AS Level learning outcomes is assumed knowledge for the A Level components.

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Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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