Why a Nursing Student Should Learn Microbiology?

Why a Nursing Student Should Learn Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of tiny organisms that affect the human body. The subject is essential for nursing students as it highlights the behaviors of microscopic organisms that can negatively impact the lives of human beings. While nursing majorly dwells on caring for patients and other advanced studies going to medical students, microbiology can impart to nurses knowledge about microorganisms’ behaviors, including how to use this knowledge for the betterment of health services. Nurses do not study microbiology in the … Read more

Different Types of COVID-19 Tests with Advantages, Limitations

Different Types of COVID-19 Tests

While coronavirus continues to hit different places all over the world, medical experts are also looking for ways to alleviate the situation. There’s no cure yet that can eradicate the virus, so testing is the only way to control the situation. Though there are numerous attempts to develop more tests, current options are limited in type, availability, and accuracy. Because these tests are essential tools to screen, diagnose, and monitor COVID-19, careful measures are necessary to produce the right information. … Read more

Principles of Diagnosis with Medical Microbiology

Principles of Diagnosis with Medical Microbiology

For over 100 years, from the time Louis Pasteur (1822–1895) reformulated the germ hypothesis of illness, and Robert Koch (1843–1910) built up his renowned “proposes” for setting up the relationship of organisms to sickness, clinical microbiologists have been grinding away segregating and recognizing the causative specialists of contaminations. On a basic level, a large number of the techniques in like manner use today are equivalent to those that grew over a century back. Notwithstanding, an extraordinary arrangement has been found … Read more